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Easter is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless. (Charles Crowe)
Family News
8 July 2019

The story is told by Brother Andrew, who worked for many years with the Persecuted Church, of a Christian pastor who was travelling some years ago on a train in the old Soviet Union.

There was just one other passenger in the railway car, and soon the two men were chatting. The subject of religion came up, and the other man extolled the logic of atheism and criticised religious belief. Then the Christian bravely expressed his own views, and even took out his Bible to show the man some relevant verses. But the atheist was both unmoved and annoyed.

As the futility of their argument became clear, the men lapsed into silence. When a little later the Christian was nearing his stop, he left the compartment for a few moments to get his suitcase. He returned to find his Bible was missing. The atheist was just closing the train window and sneered at him. It was clear that he had thrown the Bible out.
The journey continued the final few miles in stony silence.

A few months later, a stranger came to call upon the Christian pastor in his village. It was a man from a neighbouring village who asked to be baptised. The pastor was astonished and asked him what he knew about such things. The stranger told him this story:

"Until a few months ago I knew nothing of Christianity. I am just a local builder, working on a site near the railway track. Then suddenly one afternoon a book came flying out of the window of a passing train and landed in the dust nearby. I walked over and picked it up. It was a Bible - the first I had ever seen.

"So I took it home and out of curiosity began to read it. I was amazed by what I read, and I have become a Christian. Now I want to be baptised and meet with other Christians. I have heard rumours that you are also a Christian, so I hoped that you would help me."

The astonished Christian pastor did indeed baptise the builder, and also confided his side of the story of the flying Bible. Within a few years the builder had converted several of his neighbours, and a tiny Christian church had been planted within his own community. All because of a thrown-away Bible.