Our style of worship

Here at Kingswood Congregational Church we meet twice on a Sunday,
at 10.30am and at 6.00pm.

Our morning service includes the opportunity for our younger members to learn more about their faith through attending our very friendly and welcoming  Junior Church, which is held in our Lower Hall. The adults, on the departure of the younger members, have their faith nurtured by hearing the word of God proclaimed through word (the Bible and Talk), worship and prayer. On the 4th Sunday of the month we share Communion together.

Our evening service is a more quiet affair in which, through
a peaceful flow, you are given the opportunity to reflect on
what your own personal faith and its interactions in the World
should be like. Again, word, worship and prayer play a key part.
On the 2nd Sunday of the month we share in Communion.

We believe that Church needn’t be boring and so our services
are often punctuated with laughter. However, as the writer of
Ecclesiastes noted in Ecclesiastes 3 verse 1, ‘To every thing
there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.’
Sometimes, there will be ‘a time to weep,’ and when that time
comes we weep together. That’s what families do.

Because every service is planned through reference to God
the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in prayer, every service is
different in its feel. The only way for you to gain a real
understanding of how we worship and seek God’s will
is to come along to one of our services. We warmly
invite you to do just that. We have no doubt that God
will speak to you through your attendance. And besides,
what have you got to lose, apart from your fears,
loneliness, uncertainties … ?

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